7 Golden Pearls of 2014

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Are you feeling the intensity?

2014 has quite an energetically strong influence of 16. In numerology, 16 is the vibration of spiritual awakening. It is calling you to wake up and see what is no longer truly working for you in order to embrace more of who you truly are.

The 14 influence of 2014 is prompting you to embrace positive and refreshing change as 14 is the vibration of magnetism and luck. Once you understand the significance of this, it can be easier than ever to manifest this year.

At times this year can be somewhat challenging as it may feel like things are no longer working like they used to. However, if you understand how to flow with the current of 2014, this year can be truly magical and full of breakthroughs.

That’s why I invite you to listen to the replay of my FREE Teleseminar:

The Seven Golden Pearls of 2014: Align with the Shift, Release the Struggle, Rise to Your Next Level, and Receive the Abundance Waiting Just for You

In this revealing, timely, and useful teleseminar about 2014, you will DISCOVER…

  • the power of SHIFTING and RISING to your next level of purpose and passion to experience more Grace, abundance, and ease
  • the importance of FAITH and why it is crucial to having peace of mind
  • the importance of HONORING your feelings to maintain balance
  • the power of being TRUE to yourself and its connection in attracting a higher level of recognition and respect
  • the importance of OWNING your Power to attract the desires of your heart
  • the power of NURTURING your Spirit to uplift your world
  • the importance of being RECEPTIVE to experience the spiritual and material support and abundance waiting for you

This replay has been extended by popular demand and is available for a limited time only. So if would like to rise to your next level of purpose and passion, own your power and receive the Grace, Greatness, & Glory ready to come your way in 2014, enter your information below to listen to the replay of this FREE Teleseminar.

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