8 Golden Pearls of 2015



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Ready for 2015?  Or are you still feeling a bit overwhelmed and trying to catch your breath with the energies in 2014?

Would you like some help in starting off 2015 on a powerful note and making it an amazing year?

In this enlightening and transformational free presentation, you will discover:

  • The importance of staying in your power for greater strength and success

  • The power of mastering your mind and why it is crucial

  • The importance of sharpening your executive edge for greater fulfillment

  • Why the proverb “as you sow, so you shall reap” is more relevant than ever

  • The power of facing and embracing your karma to expand- onward and upward

  • The power of doing your duty with love and dignity in attracting greater abundance

  • The power of empathy to enhance your key personal and professional relationships

  • The importance of fearlessness in having greater impact and influence

Through my metaphysical practice, I have helped hundreds of people achieve MAJOR breakthroughs and receive Heavenly healing for dramatic improvements in their health, wealth, and relationships. So if would like to receive insight and Divine light to help you make 2015 your most powerful and abundant year yet, I invite you from my heart to join me for this FREE Teleseminar. (Date to be announced.)List Info