Experience more Grace, Greatness, & Glory in 2014

Experience more Grace, Greatness, & Glory in 2014

Numerologically speaking, 2014 has a strong energetic influence of 16 and that is prompting you to rise to your next level of purpose and passion. It is calling you to wake up and see what is no longer truly working for you.

Additionally, the 14 influence is calling you to embrace positive and progressive change and to own your power to manifest your heart’s desire. 14 is the vibration of manifestation and luck. It is important to know that it can be easier than ever to manifest this year. So, be aware of your thoughts and intentions.

How is the year going for you so far? Do you feel like you are on track to manifest what your heart truly desires or rather do you feel like you are on information overload- perhaps somewhat confused and overwhelmed- emotionally, physically, and/or mentally?

By the way it’s also important to know that numerologically 2014 reduces to a 7, and 7 is the vibration of Grace. This year it is highly important to nurture your Spirit.

Do you feel that you are open to RECEIVE and, therefore, EXPERIENCE a whole new level of Grace in your life? Or are you wondering how or even what to shift, so that you can be more receptive to EXPERIENCING a whole new level of Grace in your life?

Do you ever say to yourself, “I just wish that had more support in my life- someone to hold my hand and guide me out of the confusion, stress, fear, and frustration; to help me be more in my power and purpose all the time.?”

As it is a 7 year, it is highly important to nurture your Spirit. Take time for meditation, contemplation, prayer, walks in nature, and/or that which Divinely inspires you. It is also super important to be true to you, don’t sell yourself short, to honor yourself, and strive for excellence.

How does that feel?

If you would like to experience more Grace, Greatness, & Glory in 2014, I invite you to apply here for a complimentary Honor Yourself Breakthrough Session (a $299 value). In this session you will:

  • Discover what the shift in 2014 means to you and how to auspiciously align with it
  • Receive Divine messages and healing
  • Learn where you are energetically giving your power away and how you can reclaim it
  • Attain clarity about your next best step

If you want to make 2014 a year of defining and catalytic growth, apply now for a complimentary Honor Yourself Breakthrough Session as I have some sessions available to work privately one-on-one on the phone and working with me means working with the Celestial Kingdom of the Divine. I am a Celestial Conduit of their heavenly light, transformation, healing and messages. Their energy and wisdom is extremely high and powerful in catalyzing personal and professional quantum leaps, problem resolution, and accelerated healing. In these sessions with me, you will also benefit from my 32+ years of experience in numerology and over 22 years of involvement in the healing arts.

This is what one of my clients had to say about working with me…

In just a few sessions with Gayle I had MAJOR breakthroughs in areas of my life I had been struggling with and received answers to questions that had plagued me for YEARS. These sessions were worth $100,000 to me because of the insights, growth, breakthroughs and confidence I received from working with her. Thank you Gayle! 
Jana McLain – Intuitive Graphic Designer, Copywriter, & Inspirational Teacher

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