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 Are you truly in your power?
Do you feel stuck

In your career?   With a health issue?

With a personal or professional relationship?

Regarding a major life transition?

In your studies?   On your spiritual path?

With your business?  With your life purpose?

In relation to a child or a pet?

Or with a problem?

The vibration of 2018 is incredible.  However, the general emotional climate of 2018 can be intense.  If you truly follow your heart, stay balanced and keep your vibe up, it can be a magical, even miraculous year.  Working with Gayle can help you rise above the confusion and tap into the golden opportunities of 2018.

 Are you consciously creating in your life?
Do you feel like a pawn in a game of chess?

Your personal energy contributes to the creation of your individual reality. Blocks in your personal energy field can affect you on multiple levels of your body, mind, and spirit. Oftentimes people have little or no awareness of these blocks and how sabotaging they can be.  Unblocking can result in greater well being on all levels, more harmony in relationships, increased personal power, confidence, radiance and a more beautiful and empowered life experience. 

Reclaim Your Power

Unblock & Unlock Your Greater Potential

Gayle can help unblock and unlock the higher potential in multiple aspects of your life. She can see your personal and life energy blocks and how they are affecting you.  Using a time tested process spiritually and personally developed for over two decades, Gayle can help.

Whether you are recovering from a trauma, have difficulty in a relationship or a concern with a pet, are experiencing emotional or physical pain, want to accelerate your career, want spiritual insight on your next step, are going through a transition, are confused about your life purpose, or are just plain stuck, Gayle can help.  This exquisite work can be tailored to your situation often with astonishing results.  The work she facilitates is a culmination of her life’s work.  Often what happens is that clients come to her for help with a particular issue, and then find improvement in many areas of their life.

“Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible.”
~Desk Plaque Quote

Gayle delivers elevating and accelerating sessions almost exclusively by phone, but also works in person and remotely, too.  Gayle has limited availability.  To explore the possibilities of working with Gayle, call (734) 327-8423 and please leave a message. 


Do you feel like you are on the brink of huge changes but are unsure on how to proceed?
The earth is going through a huge metamorphosis and everyone is being called to rise to the occasion and live in higher purpose and love in order to fulfill their unique role in creating Heaven on earth.  As each of us heeds this clarion call, we will simultaneously be following our bliss and helping to usher in the new age of peace.  It is a win-win.

Do you have a particular challenge with your well- being and want to know what your body is trying to tell you?
There is Divine intelligence flowing through each one of your cells.  When there is something out of harmony with your wellness, there is something you need to know that your body is trying to tell you.  Understanding the spiritual lesson and ‘getting’ it can help promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Well being concerns are often a sign of a strong blockage in one’s emotional, spiritual, and physical energy.  These blocks also often affect an individual’s life in multiple ways such as in relationships, prosperity, and life path.

My name is Gayle Elise Fitzgerald.  I am a Master Numerologist, Celestial Conduit and Founder of Celestial Vibrations, LLC.  I am here to assist you in moving  fast forward personally and professionally to:

* Help you get past blocks that have been holding you back for years, if not lifetimes

* Stay in your power to come from your authentic self and have positive impact and influence.

* Live from your heart and help make the cherished dreams of your soul come true

Many clients experience a big breakthrough with the first session.  My 36 years of experience in the fascinating metaphysical science of numerology can help enlighten and empower you to your next dimension of understanding and fulfilling your unique life purpose, bring out your best and help you align with natural cycles for greater flow, abundance, peace, and happiness.

My involvement in the healing arts for over 26 years, along with my intuitive sight helps me to see the blocks in your personal and life energy.  Allowing myself to be a channel of Divine light, messages and healing combined with my expertise in spiritual energy transformation is extremely powerful in turning obstacles into golden opportunities for accelerating you towards your destination of becoming the Ultimate You.

Read what some clients have said about working with Gayle:

“Gayle’s readings and advice are incredibly accurate. My life has been transformed and uplifted as a result of her gifts as a truly exceptional healer, a true channel of Gods light and love.” – Kate K., Writer, Massachusetts

“I highly recommend Gayle to every one. She has made such an impact on my life in so many dimensions. These few words can not truly describe the extent of this. When summarizing some of the accomplishments of our sessions here are some of the great nuggets:

  • From being laid-off to having a thriving business as an independent business owner
  • From having a fear of running out of money to realizing an infinite flow of abundance (money and other things)
  • From drastic fluctuations in emotions (being on an emotional roller coaster) to having an even state of emotions
  • From having challenging relationships to having positive relationships
  • An increase in my awareness and abilities
  • Improved relationships with my sons, family members, friends and acquaintances
  • Improved health including the reduction of weight
  • Increase in peace and joy
  • Increase in the occurrences and depth of positively impacting the lives of others
  • Sons doing better in school”

– Melissa Wren, Business Owner, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Are You Ready to Soar To Your Next Level
of Purpose, Passion, and Power?