Using my clairvoyant vision, I can see the higher potential of you, your life, your relationships, your health, your career, and of children, animals, and businesses. Additionally, I can see the energetic blocks, the obstacles on your path that are keeping you from your higher potential in multiple aspects of your life. As I am also a Celestial Conduit and a Life Transformation and Healing Specialist, I can help you energetically dissolve these blocks precisely, quickly, and easily to assist you in rising to your potential and realizing your ultimate life.

In working with me over the phone or in person you receive an amazingly powerful synergy of my skills, talents, and gifts, developed and enhanced throughout my life, to assist you in reaching your goals for the highest good and being happier and healthier.  I work with clients on pretty much everything under the sun as everything is energy not to mention the fact that the Divine is unlimited in what it can do and convey.

Unblocking energy with Divine Light from the Celestial Kingdom can help in all aspects of life such as:

      • Increasing the harmony in relationships: family, friends, children, pets, partners, co-workers, supervisors, and clients

      • Increasing spiritual and material abundance: wisdom, knowledge, the receiving of Grace, prosperity, security, love, and support

      • Helping a person in activating their Ultimate Self and unleashing their higher potential, empowering greater confidence, magnificence, happiness, creativity, radiance, and fulfillment of their life mission and destiny

      • Assisting a person to continually grow to a higher level of vibration and self-realization

      • The greater resolution of pressing problems, unblocking old issues, clearing karma

      • Increasing health and wellness on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. For example, some people come to me when they are feeling low, confused, depressed, negative and/or sluggish and after a session generally feel empowered, excited, clear, more positive, and more happy with decreased or no pain.

Below is a synopsis of my different areas of expertise.

Master Numerologist

As a Master Numerologist with over 35 years of experience, I help people discover and develop their life purpose and mission, destiny, personality, soul motivation, heart’s desire, and life goal.  In analyzing the primary number vibrations of a person’s name, birth date, time of birth, as well as other numerological influences I am also able to see…

        • Your strengths and weaknesses
        • The karmic debt you have and what you can do about it to achieve greater balance
        • What your special talents are
        • Your daily, weekly, monthly, 3X yearly, and yearly cycles, and can help enlighten you on how to align with your natural cycles for greater peace, abundance, understanding, satisfaction and higher flow to help you reach your higher potential and make the most of every moment
        • Much more…

Medical Intuitive

As a certified Medical Intuitive,  I read the consciousness and karma behind a health condition and physical problems one may be experiencing.  I can tell you what your body is trying to tell you.  As a Healing Specialist, I can help you

        • Learn the spiritual lessons that lead to and contributed to your illness or physical problems.
        • Clear the consciousness behind your illness or physical issue to promote your body’s ability to self heal and restore natural harmony.
        • Be more open to receive miraculous, instantaneous divine healing.

Celestial Conduit

I am also an instrument for Archangels, Ascended Masters, and representations of the Divine in different faiths to work through me to help people heal and enhance multiple aspects of their life in addition to ascending to a higher level of potential. Delivering messages and transformational light from the Celestial Kingdom can help by:

        • Providing insights as to why you are experiencing what you are in your relationships, body, work, business, etc… and help to facilitate greater improvement or harmony
        • Giving answers to your questions you have been asking yourself
        • Resolving or diminishing issues and problems in your life
        • Increasing your vibration and level of empowerment and enlightenment

My abilities, talents, and gifts allow me to customize and tailor my work specifically for you and your life.

This work includes but is not limited to:

Divine Energy Healing & Transformation

        • For individuals to help you become more of your Ultimate Self and in your power and higher purpose
        • For increasing a person’s vibration and thus helping one to attract a higher level vibration of life in general (for examples, in relationships, living situation, career, and abundance)
        • For real estate, cars, and other property to help accelerate the sale of the property, increase the sales price, save time and make more money
        • For locations, such as houses to clear negative energy, increase the vibration and harmony of the space, and help to create a gateway for positive, high energy to flow in connecting the location to the new Earth energetic grid
        • For businesses to increase the vibration of the business which will help to remove negativity and attract more prosperity, luck, recognition, and more suitable employees and customers

Business Consulting

        • To help with crisis resolution in interpersonal relations or other situations
        • To provide context and revealing insight for swift resolution of pressing problems
        • To increase level of productivity and performance
        • To help with the writing and creation of the company mission statement
        • To help create positive, prosperous, productive relationships with key players and clients
        • To provide ideas, information, and visions from the Divine for marketing and enhancing products and services

Career Consulting

        • To assist one to excel
        • To help increase job performance, brilliance, creativity, and personal power
        • To help increase recognition, opportunities, and pay
        • To assist in maximizing, smoothing, and harmonizing relationships with key players, supervisors, higher ups, and colleagues
        • To help one prepare and shine for meetings and presentations

Spiritual Ascension

        • To clear blocks to ever elevating levels of spiritual enlightenment and individual empowerment
        • To help clear karma from this life and past lives
        • To increase personal radiance and consciousness
        • To increase openness to intuition and activation of psychic abilities

Spiritual, Channeled Counseling

        • For relationships (partner, family, children, friends, other) and to help increase relationship harmony, gain a better and deeper understanding of each other, empower, strengthen, awaken and increase love
        • To deliver messages, transformation, and healing from the Divine (Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divine Representations of different faiths) to provide deep insight and/or answers into people’s questions and help resolve issues
        • To foster healing and read the consciousness behind a health issue and help  facilitate the body’s self healing capacity, restore its natural harmony, and increase the openness to experience miraculous healing

I also work with Children and Teenagers:

        • To reveal a child’s gifts, help them to blossom in their higher potential, and look at life through their eyes
        • To help improve behavior at home
        • To help improve performance at school
        • To facilitate healing of physical, mental, and emotional issues

        • To facilitate healing of underlying issues of addiction and substance abuse
        • To provide valuable information about who they are, their purpose, their wisdom, their soul gifts and challenges
        • To help increase the harmony, love, and understanding between you and/or in your family

I also work with Animals:

        • I communicate with your pet to tell you what your pet isn’t able to.
        • I offer energy reading and healing to assist with your pet’s behavior or wellness problem.
        • I can help increase the harmony and understanding between you and your pet.

        • I also help activate your  pet’s higher purpose and potential in your life

The work I do is a culmination of my life’s work and it helps people get accelerated results. Often what happens is that clients come to me for help with a particular issue, and then find improvement in many areas of their life. Whatever is standing in your way, we’ll find it and help clear it.

Whether you have an illness, are recovering from an accident, are experiencing emotional or physical pain, want to accelerate your career, have a difficulty in a relationship or a problem with a pet, want guidance on your next step, are going through a transition, are confused about your life purpose, or are just plain stuck, I can help. I can tailor my work to your preferences, needs, situation, wants, and goals often with astonishing results.

To explore the possibilities of working with me call (734) 327-8423 to make an appointment for an Exploratory Breakthrough Session.