Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you seem to be at a premium compared to almost all of the other spiritual healers, energy workers, clairvoyants, psychics, or numerologists that I can find on the Internet?

Premium is relative to your context. How painful is your pain? How badly do you want change? How expensive are the consequences of not so great choices?

If you are facing a do or die business crisis that could sink your career or even your entire enterprise, and through a program or package with me you receive guidance and support through its resolution, then four or five figures of investment is money intelligently placed and may well be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

If the doctor told you his estimate of your remaining life expectancy was six months, what is your time worth? How much room do you have for error? How much is it worth to you to achieve a greater understanding of your soul and spiritual lessons, so that you bring less baggage with you after you pass or possibly receive a miraculous self healing?

If your life has been turned upside down by the death or separation from a loved one, and you can barely function, what is it worth to feel like you again?

So, what do you have that makes you so unique and the work you do unparalleled?

I am a Conduit of light and information from the Celestial Kingdom. The Celestial Kingdom is a heavenly realm of Archangels, Ascended Masters, and representations of the Divine from different faiths. God is the King in the Celestial Kingdom and unconditional love is the ruling force. Spirit bestowed on me the title Celestial Conduit, because the current of this realm flows through my energy field on a regular basis. This is the fruit of years and lifetimes of spiritual devotion, dedication, and practice. This current has its own intelligence and can deliver blessings and healing to people, locations, and animals through my physical, phone or energetic presence. In a session, I am the observer who communicates what I am given to see and hear. I can direct light to where there is trouble, blocks, or darkness and where I am guided to, but it is always Spirit that does the healing and the helping. To maintain and cultivate the state of consciousness necessary for this work and for the Celestial current to flow requires a highly disciplined and often austere life style on my part. Many people have spiritual sight and other gifts, but few make it an around the clock devotion to do the hard personal pick and shovel work to remove their internal barriers to effectiveness, accuracy, consistency, and crystal clarity. Ever since I was 13 years old, I began my conscious spiritual journey in this lifetime through the metaphysical science of numerology. My path in the healing arts intensified after I was involved in a near fatal head on collision in 1991. Prayer and persistence, spending time with God realized Masters, study, spiritual sojourns, selfless service, and soul searching purified me for the gifts I am entrusted with. It is an ongoing and accelerating process.

Can you explain that in another way that makes more sense to me?

I can assist you in solving problems that others may not be able to or that may be perceived as impossible in time frames that are usually short- without a lot of effort on your part. Spirit does the heavy lifting. (However, your efforts can enhance the benefits of the work even more.) If we use the analogy of the human mind and energy system as a computer, I am like the engineer who spots the bugs, the incorrect assumptions, the leaks, and even the lies that rob you of your performance, drain your higher potential and prevent your peace of mind. In the technology world it has become apparent that a few engineers are talented and efficient in ways that are not just a multiple of the average engineer, but in multiple orders of magnitude. There is a very big difference between three times better and ten to the third times better. To sum it up, what used to take months now can take only minutes.

I prefer to meet in person. Is this possible?

Yes, though you may find the phone preferable, as do nearly all of my current clients. This gives them the comfort, ease, and privacy of receiving the work from the convenience of their own home or office. There is a two hour minimum for in person visits. For me to be at my best in a one-hour phone session, it can take over an hour of preparation and can take up to a couple of hours or so of recovery. Sometimes, the energy for a session that comes through is so powerful that it is necessary for me to rest afterward. Imagine the level of the energy necessary to help clear a negative pattern that has been with a person’s soul for thousands of years.

Please contemplate the following: distance is not a limiting factor in my work, nor is face to face interaction, as sometimes my eyes are closed to better focus on subtle energy fields and receive information from Spirit. Most of my clients I’ve never met in person, though I feel like I know them quite well. It is not necessary for me to be on a phone or in person with someone for them to receive many of the benefits of the work. Spirit does not have the limitations that we do. I read subtle energy fields and Spirit repairs them through me as a vehicle on a regular basis. There is little practical difference in effectiveness between a client in Ann Arbor and one under fire in Afghanistan. The main difference in difficulty between a client in California and a client in Japan is the time zone for the phone call.

Do you teach?

I offer teleseminars and workshops. If you interested in hosting a teleseminar or workshop for your group, contact me for more details. Also, if you have intuitive or clairvoyant gifts and are having trouble with clarity or consistency or just want to improve your abilities, my work can be of great value to you. A few of my clients have not only become involved in healing of themselves and their families, but also with others as a part time practice. Others use the growth of their gifts to prosper in business or career.

How long do you plan to offer your services?

I don’t know. I will always be working, but I may not be available in the way I am now to clients who have not pre-purchased my services. Spirit has repeatedly guided me to scale my work, and individual clients can only scale so far with the limitations on my available time. At some point in the not so distant future, I may stop offering my current packages and/or my prices may change significantly.

How much do your services cost? Do I have to call you to find out?

Yes, please call (734) 327-8423 to go over your wants, goals, and particular situation, so that we can discuss what service offering is the best fit for you.