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Pivoting from a book on numerology that seemed to jump off the shelf at her while she was browsing in a bookstore at just thirteen years old, Gayle has been on an amazing and conscious metaphysical adventure for over three decades. During college, her spiritual journey accelerated as did her involvement in the healing arts, when she survived a near fatal head on crash. Alternative healing therapies played a critical role in her recovery and set a new course for her professional life.

Although Gayle can see one’s Higher self and life possibilities using the fascinating metaphysical science of numerology, her clairvoyant sight and intuitive gifts, she discovered early on that there are often many blocks keeping one from their more majestic life calling and true self. Therefore, by utilizing spiritual and energetic skills and gifts, her passion is to assist in unblocking and, therefore, unlocking one’s ultimate life potential.

Gayle is the Founder of Celestial Vibrations, LLC; where she is dedicated to accelerating significant improvements in one’s life, well being, and professional path through the activation of true purpose, passion, and power. The name Celestial Vibrations was given to her in 1993 in a Divine vision while she was up in the clouds during a plane ride home from the first one of four spiritual pilgrimages to India that she embarked upon in her fervent pursuit of truth.

Following over two decades of meditation and selfless service, as well as thousands of hours of professional metaphysical practice, Gayle was Divinely crowned with the title Celestial Conduit. This is due to the fact that her personal energy frequency is at the level where Divine light and information from the Celestial Kingdom, a Heavenly realm and abode of representations of the Divine in different faiths, Archangels, and Ascended Masters, work through her on a regular basis. This current is highly powerful in healing, problem resolution, and in triggering personal and professional quantum leaps.

When Gayle is not busy with clients, living her unique life, or engaged in deep meditation to assist in elevating collective consciousness and/or in helping Mother Earth and the animal kingdom, she is devotedly working on a portfolio of books and tools in order for her life’s work and research to be more accessible and beneficial to a broader audience.

Gayle attained a Bachelor of Science with Honors from the University of Massachusetts, and she also has a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree. Additionally, she holds a number of diplomas as well as certifications, such as one as a Medical Intuitive. In addition to her outreach work through education, Gayle has been featured in print, radio, and television.

Gayle offers an empowering range of transformational intuitive and healing services for individuals, pets, relationships and businesses by phone. She also has a full spectrum menu of teleseminars and workshops.


“I first found Gayle in 2005 because I had such a severely broken heart that I couldn’t mend on my own. After I had my reading with her, my heart was completely healed and all the heart-wrenching questions I had were finally answered. And as she was doing energy work on me, I could literally feel warm heat throughout my entire body and I knew Gayle was an authentic and genuine energy healer.

I recently called her again because I was needing clarity about my relationship with my son. And once again, she brought light, healing, and understanding to my situation. Gayle also gave me encouraging guidance and direction for what I was needing in my own personal life, and she could not have been more accurate’

Before I found Gayle, I had contacted other “Spiritual Healers”, but never felt the way I do with Gayle; she truly is a vessel for Spirit to communicate through, for any situation you are having in your life. What’s so amazing is that before I even told her what was on my mind, she “knew” exactly what it was that I was needing to talk about! It was like an aha moment!”
Kris, LaGrange, KY

“Gayle’s calm and confident energy work was a great help in my getting through some tough times when there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel. She is truly gifted.”
S.S PhD Philadelphia