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Individual Energy Breakthrough Session.

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Gayle’s exquisite gift is in seeing and potentiating your life purpose and ultimate potential by analyzing your name and your birthday (Gayle is a Master Numerologist) and by being a Conduit of Divine light and knowledge from the Celestial Kingdom (Gayle has over twenty years of involvement in the healing arts). However, everybody has blocks, such as limiting beliefs, traumas, and unprocessed emotions, just to name a few examples, that affect their personal energy signature negatively. These energetic blocks are obstacles on your path in accomplishing your life purpose, living your passion, and being in your authentic power.

In this complimentary Individual Energy Breakthrough Session:

  • You will discover your core energetic blocks to peace, playfulness, & prosperity.
  • You will receive an energy scan on your 7 main centers of energy and learn key insights on what is holding you back and what your body is telling you.
  • You will discover the next most powerful step you can take to truly breakthrough to your next level of purpose, passion, & power.

There are a limited number of spaces available for this enlightening and empowering 30 minute session. To access the application and join our mailing list, please complete this form:

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