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Discover how to align with the amazing frequency present in 2018 to help you be in the higher flow and have a more auspicious, magical, and synchronous year.  

Just by attending this event you will receive time tested insights based on Gayle’s 36+ years of practical numerology experience and Celestial energy transmissions to help you go to your next level of purpose and passion in 2018.

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“I’ll begin by saying that I’m spiritually and intellectually open minded, but I’m also something of a skeptic that’s very busy so I need to see and feel reasons to invest my time and energy in things I don’t understand very well. I’m relatively new to numerology so I attended Gayle’s January 26th ‘Rise with the Vibrational Current of 2016’ presentation at Crazy Wisdom out of curiosity, with hopes of learning about numerology and gaining new insights into the energetic shifts happening in 2016. Gayle exceeded my expectations that day and two things came out of it: first I was really impressed with the nine key numerological insights she shared about the energy of 2016 and how to best align with it, and second I felt pulled to schedule a 1:1 session with her to explore them in more personal depth.  

In my initial session with Gayle I learned a lot about numerology in general, and her numerological reading of my specific circumstances was incredible. Her reading was both personal and insightful, and her ability to explain both the process and the results in terms I understand quickly soothed the skeptic in me so I could internalize her messages. Over the course of two subsequent readings I gained excellent insights into my own nature, and how I can best flow with the monumental energetic shifts happening all around me – both on a personal and a societal level.  As an example, Gayle’s interpretation of my birth path and destiny affirmed my predisposition toward compassion, unity, diversity, and equality, and also supports my chosen direction to create and lead a non profit spiritual organization.  She also shared readings that helped me better understand some of my most important relationships.  For example, her insights about my relationship with my aging father who is near passing led me to have specific conversations with him that have helped us find peace together as his journey nears it’s end.

Gayle is a gifted healer and speaking with her leaves me feeling more aligned, inspired, and expansive.  Her insights into the overall vibrational currents of 2016 were, in my opinion, right on target and her insights in to my personal energies were valuable and very helpful.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from her about the energies of 2017 and I’m planning to have future 1:1 sessions with her.” – Callan Loo


GayleCropFounder of Celestial Vibrations, LLC, Gayle Fitzgerald is Master Numerologist, Medical Intuitive, & Paragon of Energetic Transformation.  She has evolved to be a Celestial Conduit. Gayle has assisted thousands of people to achieve life changing breakthroughs for dramatic and accelerated improvements in areas such as, love, health, wealth, relationships, and/or business. Are you ready to release layers of limiting beliefs and consciousness that have been holding you back for years, perhaps, lifetimes, and and experience a whole new level of purpose, freedom, and the ultimate you?   Call (734) 327-8423.

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