LLL Program


Delivering Your Luminous & Lucrative Launch is the program designed to help make your launch work smoother, faster, and more successfully while helping you remain focused, creative, radiant, and enthusiastic.

This program is designed with you in mind if:

  • You are planning to launch a new teleseminar, telesummit, product, service, program or book.
  • You feel like you are doing all the “right” things, but just aren’t getting the “right” results.
  • You are on information or obligation overload and at times worry that your brain is going to explode.
  • You feel like something is “off” with your launch, but you just can’t figure out what is missing.
  • You are experiencing unforeseen challenges, road blocks, and dead ends.
  • You started off really excited, but are now running into intense and paralyzing emotions such as fear and frustration compounded by self doubt and self criticism.
  • You are concerned and flustered that the systems you have in place cannot solve the problems you now face.

If you can relate to some or all of the above, Delivering Your Luminous & Lucrative Launch is for you.

This is a confidential, one on one high level mentoring and maintenance spiritual support system custom adapted to the particular needs of you and your launch and includes:

  • Help with picking a powerful launch day aligned with your natural personal and universal vibrations making it easier for you to shine and your launch to run harmoniously.
  • Divine input, insight and messages on multiple aspects of your launch, such as timing, positioning, and marketing materials.
  • Divine assistance in getting unstuck efficiently, clearing your debilitating and heavy emotions quickly, and resolving your issues both external and internal to help you stay motivated, creative, productive, focused, energized, and keep you and your launch moving forward and upward.
  • Transmissions of celestial light for you and various aspects of your launch which can serve to attract greater visibility, “luck” and prosperity.
  •  Specialized energy work to assist you in wowing your audience and making your mark.

 Availability is limited. 

There are only a few spots available for this highly transformative, empowering, breakthrough program that can truly inject life into your launch.  The right investment in yourself, your product and/or services and your launch can return multiples if not multiple orders of magnitude.  Don’t wait too long, or all I may have to offer you is a spot on my waiting list.

If you are interested in learning more and to see if this program is a great match for you, click here. 


“I am continually amazed at Gayle’s knowledge and intuitiveness to support me in making huge leaps personally and professionally. I never knew how understanding numerology, my chakra system and having energy work to unblock areas that were holding me back would really change my life. I thank you Gayle for teaching me and using your expertise to support me. I have been able to embrace changes with more peace and the energy work around blocks in my finances has opened to the door to my best year ever including more than tripling my income. I highly recommend your work to anyone who feels stuck or blocked in any area of their life.”

Maribel Jimenez, Marketing Strategist & Book Mentor