My one on one three month signature program includes an enlightening and empowering ensemble of all my areas of expertise. To experience this program is truly a rare blessing. It is designed to provide Divine guidance and support for you in several aspects of your life, for examples, your relationships, wellness, and in both clarifying and expressing your purpose for this lifetime. Additionally, you will be assisted to be in your authentic power both personally and professionally on a continual basis.

You will learn and gain an understanding of the following:

Your five main lifetime personal lifetime vibrations, including Path of Purpose, Diamond Destiny, and Soul Goal derived from your name and birthday.

How to claim your true power and understand who you truly are and what you were born to do. Plus you will receive energetic support to be and demonstrate that to your next level.

Your current natural numerological cycles to assist you in aligning with your higher flow to experience greater harmony, understanding, productivity, peace of mind, and abundance.

What your body is trying to tell you through a metaphysical assessment of your health concerns. Also, you will receive spiritual energy work to promote your body’s ability to self heal.

Patterns in your personal and professional relationships and how to transform them for the better or higher good.

Identifying and letting go of limiting childhood patterns and belief systems to increase your vibration and be more in your power in the present moment to co-create the life your heart desires.

Connecting with your “inner children” to help you in managing, processing, and balancing your emotions thereby increasing your mental clarity and joy.

You will also receive:

Spiritual and energetic support in unblocking where you are stuck and unlocking your higher potential to assist you in living your purpose and passion.

Focus and clarity for your aims and aspirations, including Divine direction and insight on your priorities

A metaphysical analysis of your seven main energy vortexes (energy power centers in your body) and spiritual energy clearing and activating to help you perform at your optimum level.

And much, much more!

Part of the amazing beauty of this program is that it can be relatively easy for you as Spirit does the heavy lifting.

To see if this 13 week program (private 1hr. mentoring and support session each week by phone) is a great fit for you, call me to arrange a complementary initial consultation at (734) 327-8423 or toll-free at (877) 686-3765. Thank you.


“Gayle’s influence in my life has been pervasive, from the minutia of helping me recover a lost treasured item to the deep and personal matter of helping me move past an ended marriage. Through this difficult transition, Gayle continued to point out the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, reminding me of the steps that had been achieved even though they were sometimes so small they would have gone unnoticed if not for her trained eye reminding me of their existence. Gayle has coached me beautifully, sensitively and even sternly when needed. The result, I have more confidence than I have ever had in my life and have done things I never thought possible, including raising four beautiful bright children and starting my own growing business.

I did not look to Gayle as a cure all, but when I need help moving past a painful moment and seeing the all important lesson contained there in, Gayle has always been there with her sweet voice and endless wisdom. From practical business guidance or help with a challenging problem, whatever the situation, the result is always the same an all encompassing and compassing sense of peace and well being, knowing that how I am handling the situation is working or that the stress has been replaced by a calmer and clearer perspective. I’ve been working with Gayle for over a decade and her guidance has never been wrong. What I find to be the most astounding and remarkable thing is not only the ongoing change in myself to a stronger more confident person, but also the absolute knowledge in the trust I have in my relationship with Gayle, which not only deepens with the work that we produce but also has results that are verified on a continual basis.

Not only do I feel light years ahead of where I started, but my four teenage children have also learned the benefits of working with Gayle. Their interpersonal relationships are better. There is more understanding within themselves and for others and problems that they had have been diminished resulting in stronger personal goals and consistent high performance in school. I feel like Gayle is almost like a secret weapon; her involvement in my life has helped me achieve dreams I never thought possible.”

Nicole X., Owner, Design/Build Company Boston, Ma

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Unblock, increase and reclaim your personal power to be at your peak.  Be aware of energy trends to help you be on top of your world.

You are influenced by different numerology trends every week. Align with your higher flow for assistance with decision making, time management, and planning.  Discover where your energy is blocked and how it is affecting you.  Receive energy work to increase creativity, productivity, and confidence.  Get Divine direction and assistance for your goals and questions.  This is truly synergy for your success!

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“Gayle has been amazingly helpful to me as I continue to grow to new levels of awareness and purpose in my life. Her ability to get to the heart of how to bypass what holds me back, is quite wonderful, and extremely useful. She has made it so much easier for me to see what I have to do next and do it with confidence. I never have to feel stuck. Thanks Gayle.”

– J.K. Ann Arbor, Michigan


Are you ready to breakthrough existing blocks, problems, and patterns that no longer serve you?  Are you ready to grow spiritually by leaps and bounds?

This is a package designed to help you breakthrough that which is holding you back.  Understand the lessons in your experiences to accelerate your karma.  Receive energy work to help strengthen and free you.  This package is less structured and has a more flexible schedule guided towards what you need more in the moment.

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“From the darkest time in my life, Gayle has totally turned my life around. I am a new person through her work, and my life has transformed to the best possible.”

– S.S., Medical Student, Michigan


Do you know what your life purpose and soul calling is?

Receive an in-depth numerology analysis on your talents, strengths, and compatible careers.  Get heavenly messages and information on your Higher Self.  Experience energy transformation to help you unblock and activate the next level of your ultimate and unique life mission.

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“Gayle is beautiful and all-knowing”

– R.L., Tennessee


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